Zortrax Z-SUPPORT High-Temp filament - 1,75mm - 1000g - Natural


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Z-SUPPORT High-Temp is a breakaway support filament designed to withstand high temperatures necessary for printing polymers like Z-PEEK, Z-PEI 1010, or Z-PEI 9085. The material ensures high rigidity when the printing process is underway to guarantee appropriate stability to the structures of the model. When the printing is done and the model cools down, Z-SUPPORT High-Temp becomes more brittle which makes support removal easier.

This way, Z-SUPPORT High-Temp serves double purpose. First, high-performance polymers have mechanical properties comparable to metals so using them to print support structures makes support removal almost impossible. Second, such materials are usually expensive so wasting them on printing supports is quite inefficient. Breakaway Z-SUPPORT HT is there to solve both those problems.

  • Prints with high-performance polymers
  • Advanced geometries
  • Aerospace components
  • Automotive components
High-temperature printing

Z-SUPPORT HT has been designed to print in high temperatures necessary for high-performance polymers.

Low-temperature brittleness

The material is strong in high temperatures but becomes brittle when the model cools down which makes support removal easier.

Easily removable

Breaking away support structures printed with Z-SUPPORT HT is a simple and straightforward process that can be done with pincers.


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