Zortrax Z-SUPPORT ATP - 1.75mm - 750g - Natural


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Z-SUPPORT ATP is a soluble support filament designed with high thermal stability in mind. Unlike materials based on PVA or BVOH, it does not dissolve in water but in a mild alkaline solution containing Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator. By dispensing with solubility in pure water, the material has been made a lot less sensitive to ambient moisture.

Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator is a complementary solvent designed for use with Z-SUPPORT ATP. Mixed with water, it creates an alkaline solution best for dissolving Z-SUPPORT ATP material. The dissolution rate of Z-SUPPORT ATP is dependent on the model’s geometry, water circulation and water temperature. Soluble support structures enable 3D printing of complex, detailed shapes with partially trapped volumes as well as movable mechanisms in one go.

  • High temperature 3D printing
  • Partially trapped volumes
  • Complex models
  • Movable mechanisms


A power tool handle. This power-tool handle has been 3D printed with soluble support structures made with Z-SUPPORT ATP to enable effortless support removal from inaccessible places like screw holes.


Low moisture absorption

Z-SUPPORT ATP does not dissolve in pure water, so it absorbs a lot less moisture than PVA or BVOH-based materials.


Complex geometries

Z-SUPPORT ATP enables printing geometrically complex models as it can be easily removed from almost inaccessible places.


Complete dissolution

Submerged in a mild alkaline created with Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator, the material dissolves completely leaving no remnants on the model.

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