Zortrax Z-PLA Pro filament - 1,75mm - 800g - Gypsum White


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Z-PLA PRO Filament – 3D print of fine and detailed components with matte and smooth surfaces easily

Buy Z-PLA PRO and 3D print fine and detailed components with matte and smooth surfaces easily and affordably on your Zortrax 3D printer. You can process this filament on your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus and M300. The material is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable and very easy to process. With this filament you can also make large components and models, as it has little tendency to warp. Z-PLA PRO and can be processed at low temperatures.

Material properties:

  • 3D print fine and very detailed objects with Z-PLA PRO
  • Surfaces of the prototypes, models and components are matt and smooth
  • This material is biologically recyclable and therefore environmentally-friendly
  • PLA PRO minimizes warping – Making it very easy to process
  • Use this filament for 3D printing of large-format models in architecture, education and design
  • You can also additive manufacture with Z-PLA PRO final components which should not be exposed to high temperatures

Environmentally-friendly and recyclable material for 3D printing of large models

With this eco-friendly and recyclable material for your Zortrax 3D printer, you can easily and warp-free 3D print large models and prototypes. This is especially advantageous in architecture, mechanical engineering and medicine, where large and detailed models are often required. Let your ideas become real in a simple and cost effective way now.

Z-PRO PLA reduces warping and material distortion to a minimum

With Z-PRO PLA filament, you can 3D print easily and pleasantly. This material reduces warping and material distortion to a minimum, which is why you can easily generative manufacture large prototypes, models and components.


Disadvantages of PLA filament

If PLA is so easy to process, why should I still 3D print with other filaments? Quite simple. PLA has the disadvantage that it is not very temperature and chemical resistant. You'd better use a different plastic for these requirements.

Technical material data:

Material properties



Test Method

Tensile Strength

28.78 MPa

4170 psi

ISO 527:1998

Flexural Modulus

1.83 GPa

265 ksi

ISO 178:2011

Shore Hardness (D)



ISO 868:1998

Buy Z-PLA PRO filament and 3D print fine and detailed parts with matte and smooth surfaces easily on your Zortrax M-Series 3D printer.

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