Zortrax Z-PETG Filament - 1,75mm - 800g - Black


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Zortrax Z-PETG for your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus and M300

We'd like to introduce the new Z-PETG filament for your Zortrax M-Series 3D printer. Take advantage of many benefits of Z-PETG. This filament is optimized for your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus and M300 3D printer. Use this filament when you need simple and reliable UV-stable and weather-resistant materials, oils and fats, salts, acids or alkalis.

Material properties:

  • High resistance to salts, acids and alkalis
  • Perfect for the production of mechanical components
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils + greases, alkalis, acids and salts
  • Resistance to UV light and other weather influences
  • Durable material
  • Works with the Hotend V2

Advantages of Zortrax Z-PETG filament

Z-PETG is an industrial filament. You can use it to produce durable and long-lasting components. Z-PETG filament is very resistant to fats, alkalis, acids, salts and other environmental influences. This material is ideal for additive manufacturing of prototypes of various and sophisticated elements.

Z-PETG filament is resistant to UV light, weathering, oils and greases

Another major advantage of Z-PETG is its resistance to UV light, weathering, oils and greases. This makes Z-PETG filament the ideal material for mechanical components, packaging prototypes, containers and sleeves 3D printing.

Material properties:

Material properties



Test Method

Shore Hardness (D)



ISO 868:1998

Breaking Stress

37.27 MPa

5410 psi

ISO 527:1998

Izod Impact, Notched

3.27 kJ/m2

1.56 ft-lb/in2

ISO 180:2004

Buy Zortrax Z-PETG filament for your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus and M300 3D printers and use it to create weather and chemical resistant components.

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