Zortrax Z-PEI 9085 filament - 1,75mm - 1000g - Natural


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Z-PEI 9085 is a durable, aerospace-grade polymer with strength-to-weight ratio comparable to aluminum 6061. This filament consists of polyetherimide with a polycarbonate copolymer blend. Z-PEI 9085 exhibits excellent thermal properties and retains its properties in temperatures reaching 167 °C. The most notable property of Z-PEI 9085 is very low FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity). The material has a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating which makes it perfect for printing flame-retardant components.

Due to certified flame retardancy, Z-PEI 9085 can be used to print ducting and panels for all scenarios where low-outgassing and low FST are necesary. The material also attenuates vibrations to a certain extent, so can be used for casing or structural frames protecting fragile components like electronics. This means that Z-PEI 9085 is a good match for: 

  • Aviation 
  • Space industry 
  • Marine industry 
  • Railroad industry 
  • Automotive industry

Exceptional mechanical and thermal properties are primary reasons why Z-PEI 9085 is widely adopted in automotive and aerospace industries. Flame retardancy of the material makes it suitable for fabricating aircraft interiors, ductwork, and electrical enclosures. What’s more, Z-PEI 9085 is resistant to automotive fluids and alcohols which enables printing tools that have to work with lubrication. Z-PEI 9085 is certified to meet FAR 25.853 standard accepted in the aerospace industry. 

  • Industrial parts and tools
  • Aerospace interiors
  • Ductwork
  • Flame-retardant components

Z-PEI 9085 has a V-0 flammability rating which means it can be safely used in aircraft interiors. Very low FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity) means the 3D printed components cause no harm in emergency scenarios.


Z-PEI 9085 has much higher thermal shock resistance than aluminum 6061 while having comparable strength-to-weight ratio.


The material's heat resistance is equal to aluminum 6061 which means Z-PEI 9085 retains its mechanical properties in up to 167 °C.

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