Zortrax Z-HIPS Filament for M300 - 1.75 mm - 2 kg - Black


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Z-HIPS – 3D prints with matt surfaces and stunning textures

3D print with Zortrax Z-HIPS finished smooth surfaces, semi-matt textures and models effortlessly and with optimal results. Realize your grandiose ideas exactly as they deserve. Use Z-HIPS and minimize warping during 3D printing. This allows you to noticeably reduce time and post-processing effort. This filament has a unique matte structure that absorbs light. This effect significantly reduces the visibility of small defects on the object surface. This material is ideal for 3D printing of larger components, housings or architectural prototypes.

Material properties:
  • 3D print matte, flat and large surfaces
  • Produce functional and durable prototypes
  • Z-HIPS conceals the visibility of the individual layers
  • Minimizes warping and has good mechanical properties
  • The material has high impact strength and toughness.
  • Prototyping and prototype construction of consumer goods
Z-HIPS – Impact resistant, low material shrinkage, high impact strength and toughness

Zortrax has developed a unique formula for the material of this filament. The filament is specifically designed for the Zortrax M-Series 3D printers (M200, M200 Plus and M300). Z-HIPS is impact resistant, has low material shrinkage and high impact strength and toughness.

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing of housings for electronics, model making and industry with Z-HIPS

Z-HIPS is a thermoplastic polymer. It is very impact resistant and is suitable, for example, for the additive manufacturing of prototype housings. 3D print with Z-HIPS housings for consumer electronics and model components, up to covers for industrial machines. You can produce all kinds of components with this impressive plastic.

Compensate for the disadvantages of HIPS by further machining

Z-HIPS has very good processing properties. However, you should only manufacture components from HIPS that do not require UV resistance. You can glue, varnish, sand or sandblast this material. So you can compensate the disadvantages of HIPS by further processing and increase the UV resistance at the same time.

Create complex support structure easy with your Zortrax

Use Z-HIPS with your Zortrax M-Series 3D printer and Z-Suite software to easily remove the support structure of your complex parts without leaving residues. No additional extruder or filament is required for 3D printing with advanced support.

  • Models with large and flat surfaces
  • Architectural models
  • Housing elements for testing
  • End components for small series
  • Prototypes of consumer goods and mechanical components


Start 3D printing with Z-HIPS for your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus or M300 and 3D printing with matte surfaces and stunning textures now.

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