Zortrax Z-ASA Pro filament - 1,75mm - 800g - Pure Black


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Z-ASA PRO – UV, water and weather resistant filament for Zortrax 3D printers

Do you need a UV, water and weather-resistant filament for your Zortrax 3D printers? Then Z-ASA PRO is your filament. With it, you can easily 3D print very durable parts. Its low warping tendency and very low material shrinkage make it easy to process on your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus or M300.

Material properties:
  • Good material resistance
  • Resistant to UV light, water and other weather influences
  • Low warping and deformation tendency
  • Low material shrinkage and minimized warping make it easy to work with
  • The material is ideal for additive manufacturing of automotive components
Zortrax Z-ASA PRO is resistant to UV light, water and other weather influences

If you want to 3D print outdoor components, you should purchase Zortrax Z-ASA PRO. This material is resistant to UV light, water and other weather conditions and can be used to additive manufacture of components exposed to the elements.

3D printing of automotive and outdoor components

The 3D printing of resistant prototypes and components for outdoor use places special demands on a filament for your 3D printer. Automotive components in particular are exposed to changing environmental influences such as wind, water, cleaning materials and strongly fluctuating temperatures. Z-ASA is your material for these demanding applications.

Z-ASA: Alternative to ABS for technical applications – Less warping and less distortion

If you are looking for an easy-to-use alternative to ABS or PLA, you should take a look at Z-ASA. This material is easy to process as it has a low tendency to warp. However, the material is very durable and therefore suitable for many technical applications of 3D printing.



Weather resistance

Weather resistance of Z-ASA Pro filament allows for testing your models outdoors. 3D printed, highly durable prototypes and final parts can work even in direct sunlight.


UV stable

Z-ASA Pro won’t deform or fade when exposed to the heat. Conduct thorough outdoor tests, no matter the changing temperature and direct sunlight.

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