Zortrax UV Resin - Tough - 1 kg - White


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Zortrax Resin Tough Clear is a unique photopolymer resin that allows makers to successfully print translucent and glass-like objects. The resin is tough, impact resistance, and offers smooth surfaces. 3D prints can mimic glass in designs where visual aspects are important for the project's assessment. Resin Tough Clear has no pungent odor.

Light-transmitting capacity in ready prints can be enhanced with several post-processing methods, including UV curing, sanding, or varnishing. Ready prints do not turn yellow over time. Resin Tough Clear has multiple applications, such as 3D printing transparent prototypes in engineering or research utensils, as well as creating ready-to-use lighting elements or decorative pieces. Thanks to improved toughness, models don't break easily under loads.

  • end-use products
  • transparent prototypes
  • engineering prototypes
  • jigs and fixtures
  • conceptual models
  • products' casing
  • lighting elements
  • research utensils and accessories
  • decorative pieces

PCB ENCLOSURE. A transparent enclosure printed with Zortrax Resin Tough can be used to showcase PCBs or other electronics, and simultaneously protect such fragile elements.


Wide application range

Zortrax Resin Tough Clear is the perfect choice for makers in many fields. Properties such as high impact resistance and glass-like surface can be helpful for both engineers and artists.



The resin allows users to print sturdy parts that can successfully be implemented in both functional prototypes and end-use products. Improved durability makes 3D prints usable over a long period of time.


Imitating glass

The resin's unique feature of imitating glass lets users replace brittle elements in prototypes, everyday life objects, or tools. 3D printed items can combine durability and functionality with brilliant aesthetics.

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