Zortrax HEPA Cover for M200 Series


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Zortrax cover with HEPA filter for M200 and M200 Plus – Less warping and emission reduction

Zortrax HEPA Cover is an air filtering device compatible with Zortrax M200 and Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printers. Moreover, it keeps the temperature stable inside the build chamber. This reduces warping when you work with ABS-based materials. Built-in carbon filter gets rid of unpleasant odors released in the 3D printing process while HEPA filter catches over 99% of 3D printing emissions, including ultra-fine particles.

Zortrax HEPA Cover solves following issues:

  • Maintains stable temperature inside the building chamber
  • Reduces warping when 3D printing with ABS-based materials
  • Carbon filter eliminates unpleasant smells
  • Integrated HEPA filter catches over 99% of 3D printing emissions, including ultra-fine particles

What's in the Box: 

  • Zortrax HEPA cover
  • Filter module (Electric fan with regulated speed, HEPA filter, Carbon filter)
  • Power supply unit
  • Front door
  • User's manual

Before first use you need to follow a few simple steps to set your Zortrax HEPA Cover up and properly attach it onto your Zortrax M200 or M200 Plus 3D printer.

Weight & Dimensions

HEPA Cover Dimensions*

426x357x230 mm


1.95 kg

Box Dimensions

405x380x255 mm

Total Weight of the Box

3.35 kg

Filtering Parameters

Odors Filter

Carbon Filter 

Particle Filter 


HEPA Filter Efficiency

Over 99%

Power Parameters

Mains Voltage

100-240VAC, 0.7A 50/60Hz 

Power Supply

12VDC, 0.5A (min)

Average Energy Consumption


Compatible Products

3D Printers

M200 / M200Plus

* Dimensions of an assembled, ready to use device.


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