Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L


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Metal Package 316L

Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L is a specially prepared, industrial kit compatible with the LPD Plus Zortrax M300 Dual 3D printer. It allows to produce metal parts in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way in comparison with Metal Injection Molding or metal machining. Printed parts have up to 561 MPa tensile strength, 251 MPa yield strength, up to 53% elongation at break, and have austenitic (non-magnetic) microstructure.

Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L allows to print complex metal end-use parts, functional prototypes, medical equipment, automotive parts, chemical pipes or valves, elements of tools or fixtures.

The Package Contains:
  • a spool of BASF Ultrafuse® 316L (1000 g) metal filament,
  • a spool of BASF Ultrafuse® Support Layer (300 g) filament,
  • Magigoo® Pro Metal (50 ml) platform adhesive,
  • 1 hotend module with steel nozzle for M300 Dual,
  • 1 PTFE Tube with Adapter,
  • 1 voucher for post-processing services at Elnik Systems GmbH
  • bubble wrap and a string bag for packing 1 kg of green parts to be sent to the post-processing facility.


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