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Zortrax DSS Station ­– Resolve soluble support material easily

DSS system that eliminates the need of manual support removal. It allows its, users to offer great convenience of use. This is a quick and easy-to-use Dissolvable Support System. Remove support structure easily with the DSS, a fluid-flow station that dissolves the support. You can leave your 3D print in a water for a few hours and find it without any remains. This process is completely hands-free and saves you a lot of time. This DSS Station is optimized with the use of Zortrax Inventure. Manufacture professional 3D prints for engineering, prototyping and industrial applications.

Main product characteristics:
  • Easy support structure removal
  • Time saving and streamlined process
  • Realize complex objects
  • Engineering, prototyping and industrial use cases

Buy now the Zortrax DSS station to resolve soluble support material easily.

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