ZMorph Sunbeam 3.0 Motherboard


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Sunbeam 3.0

Sunbeam 3.0 Electronics uses Smoothieware firmware,32-bit processor architecture and 120MHz clock speed is something that other electronics of the previous generation do not have. Owing to these parameters, your printer will run smoother and more stable.

You can connect electronics to a computer in two ways. You can use the USB port or ethernet connection.

Sunbeam 3.0 is compatible with Zmorph VX. If you have any other model, please contact our Support Team before purchase.

Specifications Sunbeam 3.0 Properties Microprocessor: LPC1769 – ARM Cortex M3 32 bit Clock Speed: 120Mhz Ports: USB 2.0, Ethernet, Micro SD RAM Memory: 64kB Memory: 512kB Maximum Motor Current: 1.8A Supply Voltage: 12-24V Firmware Smoothieware Heating Outputs: 3 pieces Maximum Step Frequency: 100kHz Maximum Power of Heaters: 10A Microstep: 1/16 Controls of Step Motors: Allegro A4988 Fan Outputs: 3 pieces

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