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Zmorph Fab 2-in-1 3D Printer

ZMORPH FAB 2-in-1 3D Printer is the latest model from the manufacturer ZMorph and is a printer where you will get “everything”. With the ZMORPH FAB All-In-One you can change your desktop into a workshop.

Ready to use:

The FAB has auto calibration and detection of which tool head is being used. Thanks to this you can unbox the printer and be up and running just within a few minutes.

Single or dual extrusion:

With the FAB the single extrusion tool head is standard, but the dual extrusion tool head is also available as an option. With the dual extrusion tool head, you can make multi-material prints or use it for printing support material, like PVA


With the advanced auto calibration of the build plate you don´t have to worry about failed prints due to a badly leveled build plate.A perfect set build plate is one of the most important things to make a successful print.

Large screen:

The clear and crisp touchscreen makes it very easy to access all settings and to watch the progress of the current print job.

Outstanding build quality:

Heavy duty aluminum plates provide amazing rigidity and stability. It also protects the electronics from dust or leftovers from printing or using the CNC tool head.The very sturdy construction is designed to make the platform stable enough to handle both 3D printing and CNC operations.

Clean air:

The FAB is equipped with combination filter. The filter is a combination of a HEPA and carbon filter. The HEPA part takes care of removing particles, and the carbon parts takes care of fumes and smells.

Silent running:

By using only the best stepper drivers and a stable platform the printer is very quiet compared to other similar printers.

Software included:

The all-in-one software for 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting. All Zmorph toolheads supported. Try the materials presets or work on your own. Voxelizer has an optimized workflow for Zmorph 3D printers ensuring the best and fastest results. 

SMART Toolheads:

Changing workflows in Zmorph Fab is fast and easy with the automatic toolhead detection. Switching tools takes just a few easy steps and no more than a minute. You can work right away without extra tinkering. 

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