XYZPrinting 3D Pen PLA 1.75 mm filament 216 g - 6 random colors

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Buy XYZPrinting 3D Pen PLA 1.75 mm Filament 216 g – 6 random colors – 12 m of each color

Do you have a 3D pen? If thus, you need filament. It is best for you to choose a good-quality filament if you wan’t enjoy cumbersome 3D drawing with your pen. Get now the 1,75 mm PLA filament by XYZprinting for your 3D pen. Realize amazing and colorful 3D draws with it. Let your creativity run wild and 3D draw stunning objects.

Main product characteristics:
  • PLA 1,75 mm filament for the DaVinci 3D pen
  • 3D draw with other 3D-Pens using 1,75 mm PLA
  • 6 possible diffrent colors
  • Random colors - this might mean that not all 6 colors are represented in each box.
  • About 12 m lenght of each color
  • In total 216 g of filament

Click here and buy a package of 6 differenct color PLAs for your 3D pen. Recharge your 3D pen now.

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