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xTool Smoke Purifier for F1

The xTool smoke purifier for F1 creates a silent and safe working environment. With its 3-layer filtration including premium activated carbon and HEPA filters a 99.97% purification rate can be achieved.

Compatible with xTool F1 - One-click to synchronization

Plug the cable with xTool F1. In the united mode, the air purifier will work in synchronization with xTool F1 process and pause after 10 seconds. The air purifier will start as xTool F1 starts working, and will delay the pause after F1 stops working for extra cleanse.

Freely set the working time

With different materials, you could freely set the xTool desktop air purifier working time in xTool Creative Space to clean the working area probably.

High-efficiency Purification

Filter 99.97% of the 5 μm to 0.3 μm particles. The sealed design helps prevent smoke leaks.

User-friendly Design
  • 3-level speeds adjustment: With infrared laser mode, we suggest you use the minimum and middle levels; with a diode laser, we suggest you use maximum levels.
  • Extra exhaust pipe and 2 pre-filters in the package: 2 spare pre-filters for users to change. For sensitive users, we suggest you use an extra exhaust pipe to ventilate the smoke outside.
  • Replaceable filters (purchased separately): We suggest you replace the filter pack after 3 pieces of pre-filter are used.

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