xTool D1 20W Diode Laser Module


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The engraving speed of 20W laser head can reach 10,000mm/min for the same engraving effect, while the engraving speed of other 5W machines is only 3500mm/min.

The Strongest Cutting Capacity Increases Cutting Efficiency 10mm BassWood Cutting in One-PASS 8mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS You can easily hammer more creative product

Maximum thickness that can be cut in one pass Laser Module 20W 5W Basswood Plywood 10mm 3mm Cherry Wood 10mm 2mm Walnut Wood 8mm 2mm Fraxinus Mandshurica Wood 8mm 2mm Black Acrylic 8mm 1mm Not Only High Power but also High Fine

Use innovative compression technology to make the spot smaller and powerful, from 0.15*0.15mm to 0.08*0.15mm.

Not compatible with xTool D1 Pro!

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