Ultimaker TPU 95A - 2.85 mm - 750 g - Black


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Reasons to choose Ultimaker TPU 95ASummary

Ultimaker TPU 95A material is an ideal 3D printing material when durability and flexibility are essential.

  • Exceptional wear and tear resistance

  • Rubber-like flexibility

  • Great choice for industrial coatings or prototyping consumer products


We have developed our TPU filament to have some impressive properties:

  • Shore A hardness of 95

  • Up to 580% elongation at break

  • Good corrosion resistance to common industrial oils and chemicals


A wide range of applications are made possible with Ultimaker TPU 95A:

  • Functional prototyping

  • Tooling

  • End-use parts

  • Concept models

  • Custom components

  • Fit testing


Ultimaker TPU 95A material is officially supported by the Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker 3 series, and Ultimaker 2+ series of 3D printers.

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