Snapmaker Ray 20W Laser Engraver and Cutter


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Snapmaker Ray Laser Engraver and Cutter

Ray is Snapmakers first standalone 20W / 40W Laser Engraver and Cutter equipped with Air Assist, featuring a 400mm x 600mm large work area. It inherits Snapmakers signature industrial-grade linear rails and continues our long-standing endeavor to produce premium laser products.


40W & 20W Laser Power

The embedded beam shapers compress the laser spot of each laser diodes. Then the splitter combines the laser beams of the eight laser diodes using the most cutting-edge beam combining technology, resulting in a higher energy density and output power.

Achieve Cleaner Cut with Air Assist

Air Assist can be controlled via Luban, saving you the bother of manually turning it on or off for different layers.

Snapmaker's Signature Industrial-grade Linear Rails

As seen in Artisan series, we adopt industrial-grade linear rails to ensure minimal wobble even in fast-mode CNC machining. The very same industrial-grade linear rails are used in XY-axis of Ray to support high speed movement and long-lasting operation.


1000+ Ready-to-use Templates in Luban

Luban provides an extensive library of preset templates, including common patterns, shapes, and icons, for you to come up with a design in minutes.

400mm × 600mm

Ray features a work area as large as 400mm × 600mm. With more room to create, you can realize big projects like maps, furniture models, and door signs. Cylindrical foot can be attached to not only the machine but also the laser bed, enabling you to work with a laser job as thick as 160mm. Even thick objects like guitar can be easily placed within for engraving.

Class 1 Safety Enclosure

The Enclosure for Ray can reduce the laser hazards from Class 4 to Class 1 and cast off all the smoke and dust with its exhaust fan. The Enclosure's door-detection sensor lets Ray automatically stop the laser job when the door is opened.


  • Enclosure for Snapmaker Ray
  • Air Purifier
  • 20W / 40W Laser Module
  • Rotary Module
  • Upcoming 2W Infrared Laser Module

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