Snapmaker Laser Module - Artisan & Ray - 40W


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Snapmaker Laser Module are our latest high power diode laser addons, equipped with Air Assist. Users can upgrade their printers to much stronger desktop laser cutters with this powerful module.

Overall Features:
  • 20mm Pinewood cutting in one pass
  • 15mm Basswood Plywood cutting in one pass
  • Equipped with Air Assist (Including Air Assist Pump)
  • Air Assist can be controlled via Luban
  • Built-in quick swap mechanism
  • Focus laser with Focus Lever
  • Line up the job with crosshairs
  • Laser Safety Shield
  • Orientation Detection
  • Overheat Protection


Smart Air Assist

Prevent charring improve the quality of your work and keep laser lens clean. Air Assist can be controlled via Luban, saving you the bother of manually turning it on or off for different layers.

1000+ Ready-to-use Templates in Luban

When doing both engraving and cutting in one piece of work, it is not recommended to apply Air Assist on all layers. Therefore, Luban can let you enable Air Assist only on cutting layers, saving you the bother of manually turning it on or off for different layers. Provide an extensive library of present templates, including common patterns, shapes, and icons, for you to come up with a design in minutes.


Easy to Focus

Calibrate the focus by inputting material thickness on Touchscreen and run auto-focus or focus laser with Focus Lever.

Laser Safety Shield

Reduce laser radiation. Together with the use of Enclosure for 2.0, Artisan, or Ray, the laser hazards can be reduced from Class 4 to Class1.

  • Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 3D Printer
  • Snapmaker Ray Laser Engraver and Cutter

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