Snapmaker Dual Extrusion Module


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Snapmaker Dual Extrusion Module

The Snapmaker Dual Extrusion Module opens new possibilities for your creativity, making it possible to print two different materials or colors at once. The module is compatible with the Snapmaker 2.0 A350/F350/A250T/A250/F250/A150.

Combine Materials

The module enables dual extrusion and working with two different materials at the same time - you can combine PLA and TPU, for example. Especially when support structures are needed, the Dual Extrusion Module comes in handy. For this, the module works excellently with water-soluble PVA filament and leaves high-quality prints. The same applies to HIPS in combination with breakable PLA - you can use a little oil for easier removal, but this is not necessary.


Multi-color Printing

Most 3D models are printed in one colour, but they are brought to life by different properties of the filaments such as gloss, transparency, glitter or similar. With the Dual Extrusion Module you can now take your creativity to a new level and print in multiple colours! This will create more depth, movement and of course uniqueness!

All Gears and Ideas

The 7.5:1 planetary gears transmit power from the motor with much greater torque, which allows us to use relatively small motors to achieve needed pulling force. Shedding unnecessary weight will in turn results in a much smaller vibration of the toolhead at the same rate of acceleration, thus keeping the same printing precision as the single extrusion module.


Switching hotends with a motor

Switching from one hotend to another is typically a fairly time-consuming process on dual extrusion printers. Especially when you consider that there are two hotends on one tool head! The Snapmaker module comes in handy here as it features an electronically controlled 3s-Hotend-Switch. This switches with a motor, as follows: If the G-code tells you that the hotend needs to be changed, the motor asks the linear rail to do the heavy lifting. The hotend is changed and the print resumes within 3 seconds - with a repeatability of 0.012 mm.

4-fan cooling system

Filament residues on a clogged nozzle are horrific! This problem should be solved with the Dual Extrusion Module since each hotend is equipped with its own special fan. The fan ensures that the filament does not melt too early in the heatsink and thus clog the hotend.In addition to the hotend fans, the module has two more fans (left and right) for cooling the prints.


Get Smart with Various Nozzle Sizes

To make smarter use of nozzles, you can tune your settings a bit more with each nozzle size in Luban. When you want a print with impeccable details, print the shell at a lower speed with the 0.2 mm-nozzle hot end, so it's not only sturdy but looks fine on the outside. And when you want speed for a model that's rich in support structure, print the infill with 0.6 or 0.8 mm-nozzle hot end, because they are way quicker.

Auto Levelling

Don't worry if you lose your calibration card because it's no longer needed. On your heated bed, from the first point to the last, the proximity sensor in the module obtains data for each of them and they will be automatically processed by the controller. No need to worry about Z height calibration either. Optoelectronic switch will do it for you.

Power-loss and Filament Run-out Recovery

In case you are wondering, power-loss and filament run-out recovery are also supported by Dual Extrusion Module. Follow the touchscreen and all manner of things shall be well.


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