Snapmaker 10W High Power Laser Module


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This is a class 4 laser product. You should always operate the 10W High Power Laser Module with the Snapmaker 2.0 Enclosure covered.

Snapmaker 10W High Power Laser Module is compatible with the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T/A250T, F350/F250 and A350/A250.

F350/F250 model users need to choose the bundle of the 10W High Power Laser Module and Laser Engraving and Cutting Platform according to your machine's model.

Overall Features:
  • 10W High Power
  • Auto Focus
  • Upgraded Camera Capture
  • Tailor-made Software
  • Supports more than 20 kinds of materials for engraving and more than 10 for cutting
  • 8 times the Speed of the 1.6W Laser Module
  • Maximum Cutting Depth : 8 mm Bassword

Step up Your Game with the Cutting-edge Laser Beam Splitters.

The 10W Laser Module is equipped with the most cutting-edge laser beam splitters, effecting a power leap from 5 W to 10 W. This means you can now play with a wider variety of materials and hammer out more projects.

Meanwhile, the work speed of the 10W Laser Module can be as high as 6000 mm/min, while cutting through basswoods as thick as 8 mm[2]. To put that into perspective, the cutting speed is up to 8 times that of the 1.6W Laser Module[3]. It can literally fulfill a laser job in a blink of an eye.

Not Just About Strength, but Finesse.

With the Fast-axis Collimating (FAC) lenses embedded in the two laser diodes, the module first compresses the laser spot of each laser diodes. Then it combines the laser beams of the two laser diodes using the beam combining technology, resulting in a higher output power and an ultra-fine laser focus (0.05 mm × 0.2 mm), which allows for higher energy density. Smaller laser focus and higher power deliver high-quality laser works with impeccable details.

Get Cracking While We Take Care of the Rest.

The unique wind channel inside the 10W Laser Module provides excellent wind pressure, blowing the fumes away as the laser beam cuts into the material, sending the fumes directly into the grids of the Laser Engraving and Cutting Platform, which then get channeled out, reducing their interference on laser machining.

Auto Focus in Seconds.

No more manual material measuring. Place your material on the platform, and the module will calculate it for you. Thanks to the triangulation technique, the module is able to measure the thickness of your material by obtaining a few sets of data on the camera and light emitter. It will then adjust itself in Z orientation so that the focal point falls right on the material surface[4]. You can finish focusing in a few seconds.

Camera Capture Taken to a Whole New Level.

With the upgraded camera capture process, the wide-angle HD camera captures in one take your material and lets you get an instant preview in Luban of your laser job on the material. Checking the work area is now completely hassle-free.

Ready-to-use Material Profiles, Why Start from 0 When You Can Start from 1?

We not only care about user experience, we also value user success. That's why we embarked on extensive material testing and built you a case library in Luban. It lets you access full sets of recommended parameters for common laser materials, so you can choose one and start right off.

Orientation Detection, Be Safe While Being Adventurous.

To protect the user and any bystanders, we included a gyro sensor in the module, which makes sure that no laser beam comes out if the module is incorrectly installed or deviates from its designated position.

A Module of Two Blowing Systems.

Prolonged exposure to high temperature will reduce the lifespan of the laser diode. The 10W Laser Module has two separate blowing systems for its PCBA and its laser diode to make sure the diode is properly cooled off whenever you use it. Under proper use, the lifespan can be as long as 8,000–10,000 hours[5].

Overheat Protection, Better Safe than Sorry.

The module stops working automatically whenever its temperature sensor detects a higher than normal (one that exceeds 55℃/131℉) working temperature. Once the temperature falls back into the normal range, you can resume your job on the Touchscreen.

Expandability, as Always.

The 10W Laser Module is compatible with all models of the Snapmaker 2.0 series apart from the 150 models, and will be compatible with upcoming machines. You can use it with the addons as well, including the Rotary Module, Emergency Stop Button, Air Purifier, and CAN Hub.Buy Now

[1] This is a class 4 laser product. You should always operate the 10W Laser Module with the Snapmaker 2.0 Enclosure covered and wear laser safety goggles. Snapmaker shall not be held responsible for any consequences caused by improper use of this product.

[2] Note that you need to perform two cutting passes in order to cut through an 8 mm basswood. The maximum cutting depth per pass for basswood is 5 mm.

[3] The data are obtained based on the 1.5 mm basswoods. Depending on your material, the cutting speed and depth might vary.

[4] This feature applies to flat and regularly shaped materials. Materials that are transparent, highly reflective or of red and black color might not be applicable.

[5] This data is obtained under the condition of typical laser use, and is for reference only. Depending on how each individual users use this product, the data will differ.

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