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GammaMaster Nozzle

Introducing the GammaMaster® Nozzle – the newest nozzle technology by Slice Engineering, incorporating cutting-edge developments in metallurgy and surface preparation. Gone are the days of compromising thermal performance while printing with abrasive filaments, as GammaMaster offers the ultimate solution. Engineered specifically for abrasive filament printing, this RepRap nozzle boasts unmatched thermal conductivity without any compromises.

Thermal Performance

With a unique proprietary hardened alloy, GammaMaster combines the resilience of an abrasive-resistant nozzle with the thermal efficiency of a standard brass nozzle. Enjoy 2.7 times superior thermal conductivity compared to hardened steel nozzles, eliminating the need for elevated nozzle temperatures when printing with abrasive filaments.

Abrasion Resistance

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for superior protection against abrasive wear, the GammaMaster Nozzle effortlessly handles a wide range of materials. From everyday PLA to robust glass fiber reinforced PEI, this exceptional nozzle excels in printing abrasive filaments with an impressive Rockwell C hardness level of 63.

Anti-Adhesive Surface

Slice’s innovative Low Gamma coating lowers the surface energy of the nozzle, preventing plastic buildup around the tip. With a surface energy measuring <30 dynes/cm, this advanced coating ensures effortless cleanup, minimizes print failures, and delivers superior printing performance. Unlike PTFE-based coatings, GammaMaster's surface can withstand high printing temperatures, providing you with exceptional non-stick benefits for a wide range of materials.

Additional Features And Benefits
  • Low Gamma coating withstands temperatures up to 380°C, while the nozzle substrate can handle temperatures up to 500°C.
  • Engraved orifice size displayed on three sides for effortless nozzle identification.
  • Compatible with commonly used metric (6 mm) and standard (1/4 in) socket tools, ensuring easy installation.
  • RepRap style with M6 x 1.0 threads and a 7 mm thread length. (12.5 mm overall length for RepRap geometry)
  • Made in the USA.

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