Slice Engineering Copperhead Silicone Boot


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Copperhead Silicone Boot

The Copperhead Silicone Boot protects your Copperhead heater block from heat loss. Its platinum cured silicone makes it able to resist higher temperatures (up to 300C°). Furthermore, the boot is thickly moulded with air chambers for optimal thermal insulation and tear resistance.

  • Compatible with Copperhead hotends only
  • Manufactured from platinum cured silicone for higher temperature resistance
  • Thick moulding with internal air chambers for optimal thermal insulation and tear resistance
  • Suitable for printing temperatures up to 300 °C
  • Equipped with easy-to-use handles that make it easy to attach and remove
  • Coated with a clear coating for maximum plastic repellency

Protect your hotend investment with the Copperhead Silicone Boot. Fits Copperhead screw mount and groove mount hotends.


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