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Are you still worried about the yellowing of transparent resin?
Come check out Siraya Tech Craft High Clear Resin!

Compared with other common transparent resins, the outstanding feature of Siraya Tech Craft High Clear Resin is that it has a very strong resistance to yellow while still easy enough to print and process.

It is still important not to overcure in the post-curing to avoid yellow and for clarity, it is important to apply clear coating.


Like any clear resin, prints made with Craft will have a foggy translucent look right after cleaning and post-curing.
This is due to layer lines from the printing process that refract light and create fogginess.

To restore the clear look, there are two approaches:
Sanding, this is good if the object has a lot of flat surfaces. For example lens.
Clear Coating.

Please read the user guide before your first print.

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