Siraya Tech Cast - 1 kg - True Blue

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Siraya Tech Cast

Are you looking for an affordable quality 3D printing castable resin?
Introducing Cast, a high-resolution, easy to print castable resin by Siraya Tech.

Our goal is to make castable affordable so that professionals and beginners can enjoy it without a hefty price. Cast contains some wax, so it is easier to burn out than many of the non-wax-based castable resins. It also follows a common burnout wax-based schedule with readily available powder, so it is easier to work.

  • Easy to Print
  • Cast Cleaner
  • Use common burnout schedule with popular powders
  • Field-tested by professionals

Make sure to read the quick user guide before printing

The ideal printing temperture for Cast is between 25-35C (resin temperature).

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