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RANGE 3D Scanner – Big Scans, Big Detail

Welcome to a world of affordable and accurate large object 3D scanning. The RANGE’s powerful infrared light projector offers up to 800mm scanning distance while retaining an impressive single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm. Makes the RANGE a powerful tool for scanning large objects like cars, furniture, and industrial parts. It even makes scanning a person in just one scan possible.

Big Capture Area

Boasting a single capture range of 360mm x 650mm @ 600mm, scanning cars, furniture, people, and many other large objects have never been more accessible.


Accurate Measurements

Whether it’s for reverse engineering, quality control, or design, RANGE’s 0.1mm single-frame precision delivers reliably accurate models.

Swift Smooth Scanning

With a scanning speed of up to 18 frames per second, you can move the RANGE naturally and smoothly as you scan. And the integration of a self-developed chip and new advanced algorithms allows for even smoother frame stitching for increased scanning efficiency.


Accurate 3D Models

With a single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm and a point distance of up to 0.3mm, the RANGE's new dual IR cameras with aspheric lenses reduce image aberrations and ensure that the micro-structured infrared light evenly reaches the sensors.

Versatile Scanning

Enjoy total handheld scanning freedom with the Power Bank Handle powering RANGE for up to 2 hours. And with the detachable tripod, the RANGE can seamlessly swap between being a turntable scanner or a fully portable handheld scanner ready for outdoor scanning.


It's a Colorful World

RANGE’s RGB camera captures an object's color as you scan, ready to be merged with the 3D model after meshing the data to create accurate fully-colored, nearly lifelike 3D models.


Streamlined Car Modeling

Typically, creating custom or replacement parts for automobiles requires time-consuming manual measurements and modeling to make pieces that fit. But with RANGE, you can quickly capture accurate CAD-ready 3D models even when scanning complicated geometric surfaces.

From Head to Toes in Under 2 Minutes

Simplify the creation of full-body 3D models for video games, fashion design, AR, and VR applications with the whole scan done in under two minutes. 3D print a near-lifelike miniature model for a unique gift or wedding cake topper. And with the help of the Large Turntable, you can do it even faster.


Its robust design supports a maximum load of 200kg, and a powerful motor (rated for 3,000 hours of rotation) keeps the turntable spinning smoothly even at max weight and speed (35-90 seconds per rotation). Adjust its speed and rotation on the fly through its remote control or app.


Revo Scan

For free moving mobile scanning, you can quickly connect your phone or tablet to the RANGE using the Revo Scan app on your Android or iOS device. Once you've finished scanning, you can quickly export your models or projects to the PC version of Revo Scan for post-processing.


Standard Package – Has everything needed to start printing:
  • 1×Range 3D scanner
  • 1×Phone Holder
  • 1×Quick setup kits
  • 1×Type C Adaper
  • 1×USB Cable(Micro-B to Micro C)
  • 1×Inspection Certificate
  • 1 x Power Bank
  • 1×Tripod
  • 1× 2-in-1 Mobile Cable


Premium Package – Includes the Large Turntable:
  • 1×Range 3D scanner
  • 1×Phone Holder
  • 1×Quick setup kits
  • 1×Type C Adaper
  • 1×USB Cable(Micro-B to Micro C)
  • 1×Inspection Certificate
  • 1 x Power Bank
  • 1×Tripod
  • 1× 2-in-1 Mobile Cable
  • 1×Large Turntable



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