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Revell Contacta Professional

Revell Contacta Professional is the perfect solution for modelers and hobbyists looking for a precise and reliable adhesive. With its needle-thin cannula and liquid consistency, this product enables pinpoint bonding of tiny details and transparent edges. Thanks to the plastic welding effect, the Contacta Professional offers a particularly stable and durable connection that can withstand even the highest demands.

The advantages of Revell Contacta Professional at a glance:
  • Precise bonding: The needle-thin cannula enables extremely precise application of the adhesive, so that even the smallest details and transparent part edges can be glued exactly.
  • Plastic welding effect: The special formulation of the adhesive dissolves the plastic and firmly bonds the parts together, guaranteeing a very stable and durable bond.
  • Ideal for small parts: Revell Contacta Professional has been specially developed for bonding small and delicate parts in order to achieve the best results even in demanding projects.
  • Subsequent adhesive application possible: The Contacta Professional makes it possible to make corrections at any time and to apply additional adhesive to ensure an optimal bond.
  • High quality and reliability: With Revell Contacta Professional, you get an adhesive that meets the high demands of model builders and hobbyists and always ensures professional results.


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