REFLECT-o-LAY Filament - 1.75mm - 125 g


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Everyone knows the reflectors on the bike or jacket, which have already saved many lives at night. This reflective filament for 3D printers offers exactly this property with its reflective pigments. Whether you want to be the star at the next party or increase safety in traffic with reflective accessories from the 3D printer is up to you.

Retro-reflective objects - what things may you print?
  • Fashion accessoires
  • Safety gadgets for bikers
  • To sew on patches
  • Laser reflective
  • Big distance marking points
  • Parts for experimental cars


  • 0,4 mm nozzle, sticks well at roughened capton and most other
  • cold to 60° plattform
  • 210°C / cold (20°C) or hot plattform
  • best refelction effect with low feeding rate

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