ReDeTec ProtoCycler V3 w. grinder


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ProtoCycler V3

ProtoCycler V3 is the most advanced desktop filament extrusion system on the market. It features patented MixFlow hardware and digitally regulated filament diameter control. Our state of the art software enables a new level of extrusion control when experimenting with polymers and additives.

Upgrades on V3:
  • New extruder insulator and cooling system - extrude hotter, longer, and with improved performance.
  • New extruder drive motor with 50% more power - Expand the number of plastics your system can handle.
  • Upgraded power supply system and puller, spooler, and spreader motors - handle tougher plastics and improve performance.
  • All new spreader system and intelligent spooler - drastically improved spooling ensures your spool will never tangle.
  • Improved electronics and the latest firmware version (1.10+) with 30+ improvements including automated profile management, intelligent extrusion control, and more.
  • New feedthroat system for reduced clogging or stalling.
  • New enclosure and user guides


Intelligent Control

ProtoCycler V3 is the most advanced extruder on the market. Dual digital diameter feedback sensors, AI powered control systems, and completely automatic operation. Spend less time worrying, and more time creating.

Cutting Edge Tech

Inspired by a 3D printing hot end, patented MixFlow technology is a revolutionary step forward in plastics processing. MixFlow melts plastics at a lower temperature than competing systems, allowing it to operate with a wider variety of plastics. Using up to 75% less energy, MixFlow is proven to provide higher quality filament - especially with recycled plastics.


Optional Grinding System

ProtoCycler is the only system available with an optional grinder built right in. Perfect for recycling your 3D printer waste such as rafting and support material. Improve the sustainability of your operations and eliminate your 3D printer waste with ProtoCycler V3.

Globally Certified

No other filament extrusion system is built to UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS specs. No matter where you are, rest assured knowing that ProtoCycler has been independently certified to the highest standards of safety and compliance.


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