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Raise3D MetalFuse system is comprised of the desktop metal 3D printer Forge1, the catalytic debinding furnace D200-E, the sintering furnace S200-C, the slicer ideaMaker Metal, and is compatible with Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments from BASF Forward AM. The main applications of metal parts produced with FFF 3D printing are tooling, jigs and fixtures, functional parts and prototypes, and small-batch production.


New Technology,A Leap in Efficiency

MetalFuse utilizes the Catalytic Debinding process, which leads to 60% off in processing time, and an increase of the part’s density to up to 97% of wrought iron’s density.

Specialized Slicing Software

A special edition of ideaMaker offers templates optimized for this kind of printing, while taking into account the sintering and debinding process that can be paired with MetalFuse. This special edition ideaMaker also features a simpler slicing process.


Adopting a Time-Tested Process

The catalytic debinding furnace (D200-E) and the sintering furnace (S200-C) are used to post-process the “Green Parts”, in a way similar to the process developed based on BASF’s know how coming from Metal Injection Molding (MIM).


Advantages of Raise3D MetalFuse vs. other existing FFF metal printing solutions

Oxalic acid catalytic debinding is a safe and environmentally friendly process. In addition, according to Raise3D’s internal testing, debinding with a catalytic method allows for a reduction of 60% in the debinding time, and an increase of the part’s density to up to 98% of wrought iron’s density.

High-End Metal Filament by BASF

By using BASF Forward AM’s metal filaments Ultrafuse 316L and Ultrafuse 17-4 PH, MetalFuse is capable of better printing repeatability and a greater yield rate.


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