PrimaSelect BVOH - 1.75mm - 500 g - Natural


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PrimaSelect BVOH

BVOH filament from Prima Creator is a new type of highly useful support material. BVOH is used to print complex parts where traditional support materials doesn´t work. BVOH will be perfect for more complex structures and objects. Compared to PVA you will have a better surface finish and a finished result that is much easier to remove, and dissolves better in water. The BVOH filament can be used with printers with a dual extruder set-up. It is known for its high adhesion to other types of filament and can be combined with popular materials such as PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASA, Nylon and even elastic filaments such as TPU. Note that the filament should be stored in a dry place and sealed bag to avoid getting the material wet, resulting in deterioration of its properties.

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