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PrimaFIX – Unparalleled Printing Perfection in Every Drop

Elevate your 3D printing experience with the revamped PrimaFIX adhesive. Tailored for those passionate about perfect prints, our adhesive now comes in a sleek, redesigned bottle packed with enhanced features. Discover printing like never before!

Unmatched Versatility

PrimaFIX works with the most common materials on the market such as PLA, PET-G, ABS, Wood and Flex. Whatever you choose, PrimaFIX has got you covered!

Heat-Activated Magic:

Our special formula springs into action at just 40 degrees. Working seamlessly with printers having a heated build plate, it ensures your designs stick flawlessly during printing. And once you're done? Just let it cool and watch your creation glide off effortlessly.

All-New Woven Applicator:

Say goodbye to rock-hard pads. Our newly integrated woven applicator stays soft, ensuring consistent applications time after time. Experience an even coating every time you swipe!

Simple & Smooth Application:
  • Prepare PrimaFIX by shaking the bottle for a few seconds.
  • Apply PrimaFIX by pressing the pad on your build surface to prime the pad. Then apply in circular overlapping motion until the print surface is covered.
  • Start your print by using the settings you regularly use for your favorite filament. The liquid will dry as the heat bed warms up and create a perfect surface for you to print on. After the print is done, let the heat bed cool off and then just remove the print.
  • After the masterpiece is complete, a quick wipe with lukewarm water will have your build plate looking brand new.


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