PrimaCreator Value Dental Professional - 1 kg - Almond


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PrimaCreator Value Dental Professional - 1 kg – Almond

The PrimaCreator Value Dental Professional Resin is a high quality, affordable dental modelling resin. It is formulated in such a way that makes it easy to use, with super low shrinkage, low odours and is non-toxic so it is safe to handle and work with.

This resin is super durable. As well as having a super low shrinkage rate of between 0.95-1.15%, it is anti-scratch and will not deform in 5 days if stored in cool dry conditions. This allows the model to be handled frequently and worked on without the worries of damage/deformation.

This resin has been used in the dental industry for making restoration and implant models for 1:1 testing without the need to product several one-off use models.

The resin is suitable for use on both LCD, Mono LCD, and DLP 3D Printers using a 395-405nm light source. Many popular printers include the Photon Mono Series, the new Photon M3 Series as well as Creality 3D’s Halot Series. Compatibility doesn’t stop there, the resin is also designed to be used with many other machines, including but not limited to: Phrozen, Zortrax, Wanhao, SparkMarker, Nova3D and more!

3D printing settings:
  • Optimized for UV light source 395 – 405 nm
  • Fast curing time, 3-4s Per Layer (depending on colour) for quicker prints. (Monochrome LCD)
  • After finished 3D printing clean your print in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or PrimaCreator Resin Cleaner to rinse off extra resin left
  • PrimaValue Resins work on several 3D printers
  • When it´s time for curing you can use sunlight or a UV curing chamber.
Depending on your 3D print the curing times can vary:
  • In a UV light curing chamber, it will take about 2-5 minutes
  • In sunlight, 10-20 minutes
  • In daylight on a cloudy day, it can take up to 60 minutes
  • When you want astonishing results for less cost than many other brands - PrimaCreator VALUE resin should be your first choice!

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