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G5 Pro

The industrial pellet 3D printer G5 Pro independently developed by Piocreat. Low-cost, high-efficiency 3D printing technology meets users' demands for high-speed, high-precision, and multi-material 3D printing. The G5 Pro is equipped with a brand new print head assembly, magnetic attraction platform, and supports both automatic levelling and auxiliary levelling modes. At present, G5 PRO has been deeply applied and practiced in the fields of teaching and research, molds, and sculpture.


FGF Technology

The Piocreat G5 Pro is an industrial-grade 3D printer based on the FGF (fused granulate fabrication) technology — a type of material extrusion AM process, similar to FDM printing. FGF 3D printers work with thermoplastics in the form of pellets, or granules, which are loaded into a hopper, fed to the screw-type extrusion system where they heat, and the molten homogeneous plastic mass is extruded through a nozzle to build a model. Since plastic filaments used for FDM 3D printing are made from pellets, utilizing pellets directly for building parts makes FGF printing incredibly cost-efficient for numerous industrial applications.

New-Generation Nozzle Printing Components

Ensure that the discharge is stable, smooth, and without block. Self-developed new generation screw extrusion nozzle design, the maximum nozzle temperature is 450 °C, the extrusion force is strong, and the 0.4-3.0mm diameter nozzle is flexibly selected for fast and stable printing.


Multi-Materials Printability

Compatible various pellets material. Suitable for a variety of materials, reusable, flexible and changeable.

Spring Steel Magnetic Attraction Platform

Adopt spring steel magnetic attraction platform, heating up quickly, reducing waiting time for printing. G5 Pro only takes 1 minutes and 57 seconds to heat up to 60°C; normal 3D printer takes 5 minutes and 38 seconds to reach the same temperature.

Easy to Take Mould

The model can be removed by bending the platform, durable and not easily deformed, the bottom is flat and easy to clean.


Why choose FGF pellet 3D printer?
  • Mould making: Save time and reduce costs
  • Sculpture Art: Mostly used in the production of artistic creation, digital sculpture, landscape model, etc.
  • Education and Research: 3D printing product teaching, material science research, etc.
  • Industrial Parts: Applied to structural parts templates, industrial figures, industrial parts, etc.


Product Parameter
  • Technical:FGF Fused Granules Fabrication
  • Printing Size:500*500*500mm
  • Machine Size:765*890*990mm
  • Feeding structure:Screw Rod Extrusion
  • Nozzle:Single Nozzle
  • Nozzle Diameter:0,4-3,0mm(optional 4,0)
  • Printing Layer:0,2-2,0mm
  • Hotbed Temperature:≤150℃
  • Nozzle Temperature:≤450℃
  • Power Voltage:AC100-240V
  • Rated Power:1.25KW
  • Particles Diameter:2-5mm
  • Printing Material:PLA/PETG/PETG+10%GF/ABS/PA6/PS/GPPS/PP/PP+30%GF/TPE/TPV/TPU/15-5PH and other composite materials
  • Slicer software:Creality Print
  • Printing speed:80-100mm/s
  • Files Format:STL/OBJ/AMF/3DMF

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