Phaetus Rapido Plus Hotend HF


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The Phaetus Rapido Plus Hotends have numerous features that make them ideal for high temperature and fibre filament printing.

Rapido Plus hotends are compatible with Prusa 3D printers, but can also be used on other devices with an adapter.


There are two versions of the Rapido Plus Hotend:


Rapido Plus Hotend HF (High Flow):

The HF version of the Rapido Plus hotend is equipped with a plated copper and a hardened steel nozzle (both 0.4mm / 1.75mm).

Rapido Plus Hotend UHF (Ultra High Flow):

The UHF version of the Rapido Plus hotend is equipped with a plated copper (0.4 mm) and a Volcano nozzle (0.6 mm).

The unique design of the hotend and nozzles allows for quick switching between high flow and ultra-high flow nozzles.


Features of the Rapido Plus Hotends at a glance


New heater block design

The new heater block design features a larger melting zone to meet the needs of high-speed, high-temperature printing.

Uniform heating

Thanks to the cylindrical ceramic heating unit, the hotend heats up more evenly.

Optimised structure of the integral frame

The rigid structure of the integral frame made of titanium alloy screws allows for lower thermal conductivity and realises the function of one-hand nozzle changing.

Thin-walled heatbreak

A thin-walled heatbreak prevents heat creep and clogging while providing superior thermal insulation.

High filament compatibility

The hotends are compatible with all thermoplastic filaments including but not limited to typical fibre composite filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PP, PA and PLA-CF, ABS-CF, PETG-CF, PA-CF /GF, as well as composite filaments such as steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and fluorescence.

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