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APUS Extruder

A 155g light weight all metal design with a Nema 14 stepper motor, gives the extruder a perfect balance of rigidity and weight. The aluminum frame improves the heat dissipation of the Nema 14 stepper motor.

Optimized RNC Dual Drive Gears

The APUS extruder has gear ratio of 6.3/1 and the gears have a co-prime number of teeth for an optimal gear design. The teeth on the Dual Drive gear system were optimized to perfectly grip all kinds of filaments and are RNC hardened. This hardening process enhances the wear resistance and gives the Dual Drive gears a polished surface. A tightly constricted filament path makes the extruder more reactive and as such ensures that the extrusion process is as consistent as possible. Using the manual wheel, the user can easily load and unload the filament without having to rely on a Gcode load and unload macros. 

Universal Hotend Mounting System

In the modern 3D printing era high-speed printing is becoming more important. This is why the APUS extruder was designed in such a way that the centre of mass is as close as possible to the mounting system, even when a hotend is installed. This ensure that the moment acting on the mounting system is small. The extruder adopts the “three screw system”: two screws to remove the hotend and one screw to loosen the Idler. With this the user has complete access to the filament path. This system also allows to “quick swap” hotends conveniently. This ”quick swap system” can be 3D printed and as such it can be redesigned to fit any kind of hotend.


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