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NinjaTek Chinchilla

Chinchilla flexible 3D printer filament is the softest, best-feeling material in the market today. Created through a combination of premium TPE pellets, Chinchilla’s proprietary blend provides rebound, impact resistance and durability. With Chinchilla, you can create soft, long-lasting printed parts for fashion, healthcare and more. Chinchilla has been tested to be skin-safe using EpiDerm™ Skin Model.

Features and Benefits of Chinchilla Filament
  • Shore Hardness = 75A
  • Proprietary low-friction exterior allows for smooth feeding
  • Matte finish provides professional and clean printed parts
  • Consistent diameter and material properties providing reliable, high-quality prints
  • Tested to be skin-safe using EpiDerm™ Skin Model
  • Combination of premium properties provide a soft-touch feel
  • Adheres to standard build platforms without glue or tape
  • Chemical resistance to many materials. View the Chinchilla Chemical Resistance Guide for more information
  • REACH and RoHS 3 (EU 2015/863)
  • Fashion: Chinchilla’s unique combination of flexibility and feel unlocks once unimaginable opportunities in fashion.
  • Healthcare: With a skin-safe certification, Chinchilla is the perfect filament for prosthetic socket liners. The soft-touch property allows for unparallelled comfort against the user’s skin.
  • Sports: When comfort and performance are paramount, Chinchilla offers revolutionary softness and rebound.

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