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Modifi3D Pro

Modifi3D PRO is an evolution of the 3D print tool. It is now tougher and has more power. Adjustable temperature control with an LCD display has been added. Temperature can now be set up to 450ºC to allow for future potential of new tips and attachments.

The PRO is designed to replace much of the sanding, scraping and snapping to finish off your 3D prints, and comes with 10 interchangeable tips. The new improved tips are stronger than before and provide more functions including the ability to produce countersinks and setting threaded inserts.



How to use
  • Select a tip and thread into the heater cover tube. Leave the heater cover tube and locking nut in place (this is only for rotational adjustment if required).
  • Place Modifi3D PRO on the included stand.
  • Plug into the Modifi3D PRO DC socket and plug in the wall adaptor.
  • When connected to power, the LCD display will show the version number for a few seconds and then switch to the actual temperature. Preset initial temperature is 300°C.
Temperature Adjustment

To set the temperature press the +/- buttons until the desired temperature is selected. After a few seconds the LCD display will show the actual temperature Temperature is adjusted in 1°C increments. To adjust in 10°C increments click the + or - a few times and then hold down.

Standby / Sleep modes

If Modifi3D PRO is still for the selected standby time, it will go into standby mode and the temperature will decline to the selected standby temperature. During standby mode, it will go into sleep mode after the selected time. When Modifi3D PRO is moved, it will wake and go into working mode automatically and the temperature will rise to the last selected temperature.

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