Modifi3D Original

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MODIFI3D Original

MODIFI3D ORIGINAL is a heated tool with specially coated interchangeable tips designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed parts. MODIFI3D ORIGINAL is designed to replace much of the sanding, scraping and snapping to finish off your 3D prints.

The pen like form of MODIFI3D ORIGINAL makes it very comfortable to use and extremely easy to control when precision is important. MODIFI3D ORIGINAL works with PLA, ABS and other 3D printing materials.

MODIFI3D Features
  • 4 interchangeable tips
  • Needle, knife, scoop and point tips
  • Special tip coating to prevent sticking
  • Rapid heat up in less than 15 seconds
  • Sleep mode if not used for 25 seconds
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Touch switch and indicator light
  • USB powered (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0)
  • Basic stand included
Knife Tip

Cutting and removing sections including the removal of supports, brims, and rafts from your 3D print. Includes special coating to prevent plastic sticking to the tip.


Needle Tip

Great for clearing small holes and features or for detailed layer refinements in hard to reach places. Includes special coating to prevent plastic sticking to the tip.


Point Tip

General purpose tip for larger internal features and holes. Can even be used for making holes after printing! Includes special coating to prevent plastic sticking to the tip.


Scoop Tip

Prefect to remove stringing and imperfections from inside holes or recesses. Can also be used to blend surfaces. Includes special coating to prevent plastic sticking to the tip.


How to use
  • Remove the protective cap (if used) and place MODIFI3D ORIGINAL on the included stand.
  • Plug in the USB (USB 2.0 or 3.0 recommended).
  • Touch the metal switch to start heating. A red light indicates that MODIFI3D ORIGINAL is switched on.
  • In less than 15 seconds MODIFI3D ORIGINAL will reach around 300ºC (572ºF) and is ready for use. To increase the temperature or reach the maximum of 420-450ºC (788-842ºF) continue to touch the metal switch until the required temperature is reached.
  • If MODIFI3D ORIGINAL is not used for 25 seconds it will go into sleep mode (light will go out and the tip will start to cool). To wake MODIFI3D ORIGINAL just gently touch the switch and the heating process will continue.
How to clean MODIFI3D Original Tips

Over time you may want to clean the interchangeable tips. We recommend using a damp sponge to remove any plastic or residue from the tips. This works best whilst the tips are still warm (but obviously not hot enough to pose a risk of burning). Please ensure that the USB is unplugged and the tips have cooled to a safe temperature.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products. This can damage the special coating on the tips.

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