LayFilaments LAYWOODmeta5 Filament - 2.85mm - 250 g


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1 . floats on water, light as Balsa after rinsing in water, can swim, candive, sucks water fast
2 . porous, density : ~0 .5 g r / c cm ; rough , feels as cardboard
3 . thermal isolating, low thermal conductivity
4 . climate responsive (elongation)
5 . absorptive carrier for agents

  • print at: 225 – 250°C, cold! plattform,
  • zero warp, sticks well as ABS at plattform
  • only 50% density of standard 3d printing filaments
  • contains open cell pores inside after rinsing with water for 2
  • days, dry the object with a fan, not in oven
  • cell structure as mycellium
  • possible to paint with waterbased inks

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