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Laywood prints are otherwise quite rigid with high tensile strength and tend to break faster, but Laywood-Flex has a higher elasticity with slightly lower tensile strength.

As Kai points out: "More than 2 years has gone and some more filaments have been developed in my garage and I wanted to come back to LAYWOOD (TM) again, making it better or more flexible as some sorts of wood in real nature are also bendable. So I added some flexibilizers and got a proper result which is in sum a thermoplastic polymer-composite, made from harmless ingredients."

You can see the FLEX filament in the clip above. In a nutshell, LAYWOOD has a higher tensile strength, but will break under enough pressure. LAYWOOD-FLEX, meanwhile, has a lower tensile strength, but has a far higher degree of elasticity. Perfect for 3D printing belts, imitations of wooden decorations or even small pieces of furniture (and whatever else your making mind comes up with).
  • No (or minimal) warping
  • Rough or smooth surfaces that can be sanded
  • 3D printable tree-rings (185 to 255°C) are possible, depending on temperature and printing speeds. Elasticity will be higher on darker layers.
  • Sticks well to ABS-paint on cold platforms or blue tape.
  • Print directly on capton-tape with a 50°C platform .
  • Contains ~ 35 % recycled wood, as well as harmless binders made by co-polyesters.
  • Nozzle: 0.5 mm.

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