Granbo Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner GS0102

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UltraSonic Cleaner

With a portable 2000ml capacity, this cleaner is capable enough to clean 3D Additive effectively. These cycles allow you to adjust the level of cleaning to the needs of your resin print. The larger the 3D resin print, the more time you can invest in the cleaning cycle. Ultrasonic cleaning machine has a corresponding water level line, it is recommended to place the 3D prints items to be cleaned first, and then add water and cleaning agent, so that you can better observe whether the water is just right.

Equipped Accessories

This is a customer-friendly product equipped with the following accessories to help the machine run competently and get better results: a host, a cover, a cleaning basket, a power line, a certificate of warranty, a training manual.

No Need For Alcohol

This cleaner doesn’t require alcohol which helps to maintain and protect the quality of the Resin 3D Additive.



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