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Super Racer (SR)

Fast printing speed is its biggest advantage. Its default printing speed is 150mm/s (about 3-4 times that of i3 architecture), and even if it runs at 200mm/s, its quality performance is good. Compared with other ordinary 3D printers, printing the same model can save about half of the printing time!


SR uses a 32-bit high-speed motherboard with four TMC 2209 installed on the motherboard. It is quieter, more stable, and has higher printing accuracy.


Full Metal Structure

The elegant all-metal design of the Super Racer not only gives the 3D printer a high-quality look but also guarantees clean movements and less vibration. A dual gear extruder ensures more torque, stronger extrusion, stability, and durability.

Volcano Hotend

A Volcano Hotend with a high melting capacity has two turbo fans and a cooling fan installed to prevent the nozzle from clogging. Such a hotend also allows you to experiment with different nozzle sizes and flow rates and to be more creative and exploratory in 3D printing.

Linear Rails

The precise linear guide with 10 mm belt, high rigidity and a high-torque, low-noise and fast high-precision stepper motor guarantees not only sufficient power but also the desired accuracy at high printing speed.


3.5-inch capacitive colour touchscreen

A 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with a redesigned user interface and optimised operating logic with user habits supports 8 display languages and has a function for resetting to the factory settings with just one button.

Resume Printing & Filament Detection

Based on Marlin 2.0.6. the self-developed open-source firmware supports the resume printing and filament sensor function. Printing projects that cease due to i.e. Power loss or filament shortage can easily resume thanks to the resume printing function and the filament detection.

Get Creative Immediately

The printer arrives 90% pre-assembled, making it fast and easy for you to assemble. Furthermore, fast, and precise automatic levelling facilitates you to start printing quickly.


Heating bed with removable glass plate

The coated glass plate and the aluminium plate are attached separately, which makes cleaning, maintenance and dismantling easier. The heated bed can be heated up to 100 ° C and has a good adhesive effect, regardless of whether it is PLA or ABS printing.

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