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Guider 3

Guider 3 is specially designed for small batch production applications. The lightweight and compact machine structure, simple and powerful management system, and fast and efficient delivery capability guarantee continuous small batch manufacturing process in various scenarios and provide low-cost and simple production methods.

Lightweight and Compact Design for Flexible Production Space

The new machine structure design improves the utilization rate of the internal space of the equipment, realizes the expansion of the build volume while making the equipment occupying less space, offering flexible layout of the production line. The entire frame adopts aluminium structure, and the enclosure adopts lightweight and durable ABS and acrylic sheets, which realizes the lightweight design from the inside out while ensuring stable printing as well.

CoreXY Structure for Rapid Production

Guider 3 contributes to efficient workflow and responds to the rapid delivery demand of customized market; It adopts the smoother CoreXY motion structure, supports high-speed and low-noise printing, which saves the printing time, ensures stable printing, and brings efficient printing experience.

Stable and Worry-free Operation Process

As the first step to start printing, levelling is crucial to the success and quality of printing. Guider 3 optimizes the auxiliary levelling and automatic levelling system to guarantee your levelling operation in all directions. The adopted high-sensitivity and inductive proximity sensor detects and saves the initial flatness data of the horizontal platform, and intelligently compensates the platform height through Z-axis during the printing process to realize automatic levelling

Upgraded Extruder Structure

Suitable for various filaments, the double-gear extrusion structure design increases the filament feeding force by 150% and causes fewer clogging issues, not inferior at all for various application requirements.

Quick-release Nozzle

The quick-release nozzle, with multiple diameter options, is easy to replace and maintain, and can meet various use requirements.


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