Flashforge Creator 4-A HT


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Flashforge Creator 4-A HT Build area

The Creator 4 has a perfect build size for most applications. 400mm x 350mm x 500mm is ideal for prototype manufacturing.

Independtant Dual Extruder

Unlike traditional dual extruder, when one extruder prints, the other one is away from the model printing area, so that the filament will not drip and thus ruin the model quality. While printing the same model in batch, the output is doubled, which makes it the best choice for mass production.

Heated build chamber

The advanced thermal-control software design can preheat and keep the temperature before and after printing. The thermal-control system maintains a constant chamber temperature at 65℃, reducing the thermal contraction of the model through the printing process. It avoids the warpage and cracking of ABS/PC/PA and other engineering filaments and guarantees the quality and dimensional accuracy of the model, improving the success rate of printing.

High print temperature

With the included high temperature extruder you can print most filaments on the market today thanks to an operating temperature of 320°C Supported Filament:PC / PA / PP / PETG / ASA / ABS / PLA / PC-ABS / PAHT

Heated build plate

The build plate can be heated to a temperature of 120°C which makes prints of ABS, Nylon and similar materials easy.

Smart filament management

Before printing, the temperature can be matched automatically by the intelligent system according to the type of filament. The smart setting that maintains a constant chamber temperature guarantees the printing success rate. After printing, the intelligent control system helps to adjust the cooling temperature, in order to get ready for the next printing without waiting again.

Clean air

The included HEPA 13 air filter makes sure that hazardous fumes and particles are removed before reaching the outside of the printer.

Camera control

The built-in-camera gives you the option to monitor the current print and see the progress

Resume from power loss

If your 3D printing stops, you can easily continue it. Save time, filament, and money from interrupted 3D prints.

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