Flashforge Adventurer 4 Pro


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Adventurer 4 Pro

Adventurer 4 Pro retains the features of Adventurer Series, such as out-of-the-box design and easy printability, and further optimizes various functions to deliver higher-level printing quality. With the upgraded 9-point automatic leveling system, 2X faster printing speed, model cooling fans at both sides, and the support for various materials, it provides an efficient and easy-to-use experience for individuals, families and educational users.

Efficient and Handy Worry-free Printing

9-point Automatic Leveling: It adds the function of automatic levelling detection compensation of the extruder sensor; Through 9-point detection of the relative height between the nozzle and the platform, intelligent compensation is performed in the printing process to ensure neat and smooth first-layer line extrusion.



PEI Flexible Steel Plate Platform, Offering Quick Model Removal: Without the use of tools, the model can be removed in 1 second through the bending platform. The build platform adopts PEI coating with strong adhesion, which prevents the first layer from warping; The bottom surface is more delicate and smoother.


All-round Upgrade Superior Surface Quality

Brand-new Extruder Fan Structure: The extruder is equipped with 3 fans to control the cooling wind speed.The dual ducts achieve the rapid cooling of the models,offering better surface finish.



265°C Copper Nozzle & Hardened Nozzle: The standard 0.4mm-265°C copper nozzle with great thermal conductivity matches fast printing; The upgrade of internal thermal conductivity ensures the model quality under high-speed printing. An optional 0.6mm high-strength nozzle with wear-resistant features supports long time printing of carbon fiber materials.



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