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Flashforge Adventurer 3 – Affordable and easy to use entry-level 3D printer with camera

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 belongs to a new generation of intuitive entry-level 3D printers for your desk. With the Adventurer 3 you can easily, affordable and comfortably achieve good 3D printing results. Thanks to its built-in camera, you can monitor your 3D prints online from any place worldwide. Its outstanding features makes it ideal for beginners. Start 3D printing now – it's never been easier.

This 3D printer has other innovative features such as an easily removable print bed and an easily interchangeable nozzle. Control it conveniently online with Cloud-Print and its built-in camera. Its compact design fits on your desk. Its features makes it the ideal 3D printer for education, training, and home use.

Product features of this entry-level 3D printer:

  • Minimalist, stylish and compact design
  • Easy replacement of the nozzle – Replace your nozzle with the release of a clip
  • Fast heating up to 200°C (392°F) in 50 seconds thanks to integrated stainless steel tube
  • Integrated Wifi connection
  • Automatic filament feed: Simply insert your filament spool
  • Enclosed installation space, removable and flexible heated printing bed
  • Extremely quiet in operation – Only 45 decibels
  • Worldwide remote monitoring with built-in 2 million pixel HD camera
  • Full color touch screen with simple UI interface design
  • Work with 3D Cloud – An integrated 3D print resource platform


Minimalist, stylish and compact design

Buy Flashforge Adventurer 3 now and get a device with a minimalist, stylish and compact design for your desk. It fits perfectly into your modern workplace and blends seamlessly into your working environment. Its quiet operation lets you work undisturbed.

Easy Nozzle Replacement

By simply exchanging your nozzle, you can clean and maintain it with ease. If you want to replace it, it's intuitive and fast.

Quick heat up to 200°C in 50 seconds

Fast heating allows you to start printing your first layer in 3D right away. Be fast and start your 3D printing immediately. This is saving you time and allows you to instantly check whether your device is producing the first layer cleanly.

Integrated Wifi connection

The Integrated Wifi module allows you to put your 3D printer in the right place, free of annoying cables. Connect it to your home network, computer or mobile device.

Automatic filament feed

Do you have problems feeding filament? With the Flashforge Adventurer 3, difficulties are a thing of the past. Simply insert the filament into the automatic filament feeder. The Adventurer 3 takes care of everything else on its own.

Enclosed installation space & removable and flexible heated printing bed

The closed installation space allows 3D printing with ABS and filament, which is prone to warping. After the building process you can remove your finished objects easily and damage-free by the flexible print bed.

Easy operation via touch screen & worldwide control thanks to 3D Cloud

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 is characterized by its very simple and intuitive operation via its touch screen display. Thanks to its compatibility, you can control it worldwide via 3D Cloud.

3D Cloud – An integrated 3D printing platform

3D Cloud is an integrated 3D printing platform. It offers you free storage (register online), backup and file sharing, interaction with other users, automatic slicing of your CAD print files. It also offers you a free model database and online management of your 3D printing processes. Transfer, monitor, and manage multiple 3D printers easily.

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Buy Flashforge Adventurer 3 and you'll get an affordable and easy-to-use entry-level 3D printer with camera.

Construction an Technical Details   Usable Filament Diameter 1,75 mm Nozzle Temperatur Max 240 °C Open Filament System Yes Extruder Typ Bowden Printing Speed Max 100 mm/s (depends on material) Build Area 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm Heated Build Plate Yes Build Plate Temperature Max 100 ºC Build Plate Surface BuildTak Build Plate Material fr4 (The glass fiber plate) Build Plate Attachment clamp Build Plate Leveling System none Build Chamber During Process Open or Closed Filament Chamber Closed Yes Extruder Number 1     Installation Space / Requirements   Total Mass 388 mm x 340 mm x 404 mm Total Weight 9 kg Operating Ambient Temperature 18°C - 30°C Power Consumption Max 150 W Voltage AC: 100 V - 230 V (47-63 Hz)DC: 24 V     Equipment   Hepa Filter Option Filament Runout Sensor Yes TouchScreen Yes Camera Yes Memory Internal Yes Memory Capacity 8 GB     Connection   USB Yes, 1 x USB-A Ethernet-Port Yes WLAN Yes Cloud Control Yes     Accuracy   Layer Height 0,1 mm - 0,4 mm Resolution 0,2 mm     Shipping   Shipping Box 480 mm x 420 mm x 510 mm Shipping Weight 13 kg    

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