E3D Revo™ Prusa Mini Edition - 1,75 mm - 24V - Fully Loaded Kit


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No machine redesign

Revo™ Prusa Mini is a top choice if you want to update your old Prusa Mini or Mini+ setup to the latest generation of E3D™ HotEnd technology. It has the same nozzle position, and filament diameter. All you need to do is undo the two screws that hold the existing HotEnd and reattach the new bracket.

Ready for Revo™

Revo™ Prusa Mini is designed to work with Revo™ Nozzles, meaning you can perform nozzle swaps with your fingers at room temperature without complex tools or hot tightening. Each Revo™ Nozzle is factory sealed, making it much simpler and more reliable than most HotEnd technology available today.

Enhanced performance

Revo™ Prusa Mini uses a Revo HeaterCore, our latest HotEnd heating and sensing architecture. It reaches temperature much faster than a traditional aluminium heater block, and it’s much safer: a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means the HeaterCore can’t melt at extreme temperatures, reducing hazards in the event of a thermal runaway.

No firmware or PID changes

Revo™ Prusa Mini was designed to be fully compatible with the stock Prusa Mini firmware – this means there’s no need to modify any firmware. Even more impressive is that it’s fully compatible with the Prusa Mini temperature monitoring model, meaning you don’t need to PID tune after the upgrade!

Please note:
  • You may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.
  • This kit does not include a fan. The stock Prusa fan should be reused.
  • - This kit does not include any PTFE tube. If you require additional PTFE it can be purchased here
Kit includes:
  • 1 x Revo™ Micro heatsink
  • 1 x Collet
  • 1 x Collet clip
  • 1 x Revo™ HeaterCore 24V
  • 1 x Revo™ HeaterCore spring
  • 1 x Prusa Mini extension cable kit
  • 1 x Prusa Mini bracket
  • 3 x Cable tie
  • 2 x M3 square nut
Single nozzle kit:
  • 1 x 0.40mm Brass Revo™ Nozzle
Fully loaded nozzle kit:
  • 1 x 0.25, 0.40, 0.60, and 0.80mm Brass Revo™ Nozzles

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