E3D RapidChange Revo Nozzle Assembly High Flow Boxed 1.4mm


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E3D Revo High Flow Nozzles

High-flow 3D printing is just a 30-second nozzle change away! Achieve high-flow results in the same form factor as a standard E3D Revo™ thanks to optimised internal nozzle geometry. High Flow Nozzles can be used with your existing 40W HeaterCores to maximise your flow rate with standard printing materials.

How Does This Work?

Unlike our previous E3D High Flow Hotends (Volcano and SuperVolcano), Revo High Flow maintains the exact same form factor as standard Revo HotEnds; this means there is no need to adjust your pre-existing mount and fan duct setups! Revo High Flow uses a unique custom internal geometry to increase the surface area for improved thermal transfer to the filament.

More Nozzle Sizes

Revo High Flow unlocks higher flow for existing 0.40mm, 0.60mm, and 0.80mm nozzle sizes and adds 1.00mm, 1.20mm, and 1.40mm nozzle sizes to your arsenal.

Volumetric Flow Rate (Based on printing with PLA at 220°C)
  • 0.40 mm nozzles see a 38% increase in the volumetric flow rate (18mm³/s)
  • 0.60 mm nozzles see a 57% increase in volumetric flow rate (22mm³/s)
  • 0.80 mm nozzles see a 64% increase in volumetric flow rate (28mm³/s
  • 1.00 mm nozzles have a volumetric flow rate of 35mm³/s
  • 1.20 mm nozzles have a volumetric flow rate of 37mm³/s
  • 1.40 mm nozzles have a volumetric flow rate of 37mm³/s



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