E3D Hemera XS Bowden V2


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Shorter and Lighter

Hemera XS Bowden V2 is 46g lighter and 5.8mm shorter than the previous Revo Hemera XS. Until now Hemera Bowden has always featured the iconic heatsink design. However, one of the main uses for Bowden extruders these days is mounting them directly above the HotEnd, creating a ‘short bowden’ extrusion path. The heatsink is then simply redundant, adding unnecessary weight.

E3D Ecosystem Compatible

The heatsink geometry for Hemera XS accepts the Bowdaptor, Revo Hotsides and V6 ecosystem hotsides.

Capable of a Wide Range of 3D Printing Filaments

Enjoy excellent performance with all 3D printing materials, particularly challenging materials like abrasives.

Less Likely to Strip Filament

In the event of a jam, the filament drive train for Hemera XS will stall instead of stripping the filament, making it easier to recover and start 3D printing again.

T-slot Flat Mounting

Our custom mounting system means a range of accessories can be mounted on this extrusion system, such as bed levelling probes, expansion boards, and more!

Key features
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Works with Revo HotEnds, and V6 ecosystem HotEnds
  • T-slot flat mounting system
  • Dimensions: 85.5 x 44 x 65.25mm (HxWxD)
  • Recommended Current: 1.40A Peak (~0.99A RMS)
  • Nominal steps per mm (x16): 397
  • 1.8° step angle

Please Note: This kit includes 100mm of PTFE tube.


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